The Key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology major mandates include:

  • Conduct scientific research and develop technologies in the enzyme and protein fields.
  • Participate in training of science-technology officials via granted projects in enzyme-protein related science research and technology development of the Key Laboratory;
  • Verify related analytical, experimental and testing results;
  • Register for science and technology activites according to current regulations of the State;
  • Establish contracts and agreements in science research and technology development, training science-technology officials, science-technology services, and other financial contracts with Vietnam and foreign individuals and organizations in related science-technology fields;
  • Participate in selection of principal investigators for grants from the State, the Ministries, fields and provinces to conduct science-technology assigments;
  • Collaborate in science and technology directly with international organizations, appropriate Vietnam and foreign individuals and organizations according to current laws and regulations, including receiving supports from those.