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Details of Automatic DNA sequencer

1. Automatic DNA sequencer, 8 capillary


2. Code: CEQ 8000

3. Company: Beckman – USA

4. Discription: The system consists of 8 capillary allowing us to analyse at the same time 8 samples with repeating sequencing setting condition for maximal 96 samples. At the same capillary, one could perform DNA sequencing, fragment analysis including AFLP, LOH, STR, SNP... All processes: denaturation, inject and pump samples are automatic, robot system detect position X-Y-Z, allowing pumping samples continuously from 96 well tray. CEQ 8000 software consists of DNA sequence reading and analysis.

5. Chemicals: CEQ separation Gel,  CEQ sequencing separation buffer, CEQ DNA sequencing capillary array, Sample microtiter plates, Buffer microtiter plates, CEQ DNA size standard sample for fragment analysis.

7. Representative data


                                              A part of sequenced DNA


8. Requirement for samples: Samples before sequencing must be treated with kit of Beckman Coulter follow exactly protocol of the company. Samples must be pure without contaminant such as (protein, inclusion body of cells...)

9. Application fields: For research in biomedicine, molecular biology...

10. Located at: Recombinant Protein Unit, Tel: (04) 35575494.

11. Operation year since: 2006

12. Person in responsibility: Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, MSc. Nguyen Thi Hong Loan