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Details of Gel Doc System

1. Gel Doc System


2. Code: Geldoc XR

3. Company: Biorad-USA

4. Discription: The electrophoresis-gel imaging geldoc XP system of Biorad is the one to be easily operated and have multi functions. It has CCD acquiring images real-time, thereby allowing to capture the best images of gels. The software Biorad Quantity One provide us optimal image which could be analysed, annotated and printed. This is close-system prevented from external light, and photos could be taken under UV or white light.

5. Several data


A                             B

   A.  A photo of western-blot membrane taken under white light.

   B. A photo of electrophoresis agarose gel taken under UV light.


6. Application field: For research in biomedicine, molecular biology...

7. Located at: Recombinant Proteins Unit, Tel: (04) 35575494

8. Starting year since: 2006

9. Person in responsibility: Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, MSc. Nguyen Thi Hong Loan